YogaEasy and EkhartYoga are uniting their expertise and resources to maximise access to high-quality online yoga. Their offerings will expand to more than 5,000 yoga and meditation videos in German and English, with more than 80 teachers. In addition, customers will benefit from a greater range of functions to make it even easier for them to practice. This European alliance promises great growth potential with a bilingual app offering English and German content in the planning.

Founded in 2010, Hamburg-based YogaEasy was Germany’s first online yoga studio and counts authorities such as Anna Trökes, Dr. Ronald Steiner and Nicole Bongartz among its teaching team. EkhartYoga was set up in Amsterdam in 2008 by Esther Ekhart and is known across Europe for its high-quality videos exclusively in English, with expert teachers including David Lurey, Tashi Dawa and Katy Appleton. The classes from both partners are professionally produced by yogis for yogis. They offer a huge variety of styles whilst honouring the lineage and philosophy of yoga.

YogaEasy founder Dr. Henrike Fröchling: «We have decided to join forces with EkhartYoga, as we share a single mindset, for example regarding the content quality and our esteem for our teachers. I’m looking forward to expanding into the English-speaking market and to working on our vision: Creating the best online yoga experience.»

EkhartYoga founder Esther Ekhart adds: «I’m delighted to work with YogaEasy, together we can bring the beautiful and transformational practice of yoga to even more people. Our family is growing and I’m excited about what we’ll be able to bring to the yoga world!»

The Process was supported by Quantum Partners in Munich.

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